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Online store

Online shop becomes a tendency》

Modern people's consumption habits have shifted from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online stores. The online store provides a simple e-commerce platform, allowing you to provide shopping and services to customers all the time or O2O (online to offline) services.


Online stores allow customers to receive goods and services faster, more accessible, more freely and even internationally compared with traditional transaction methods.


Customers can place orders by themselves 24 hours a day with our back-end connection to seamlessly achieve stocking, logistics, and delivery, making the online store more unique and convenient.

Online shop

The Benefits of online》

Benefits of online
Benefits of online

When operating an online store and entering the marketing market, it is unnecessary to invest heavily in rent, decoration, salesperson salaries, training, etc., as a brick-and-mortar store. In contrast, the threshold is lower, and it is easy to control costs, making it relatively easy to start a business.

The online store can be opened flexibly in response to market needs, choose a malleable template to highlight the personality of your brand, and can also flexibly set product promotion methods, discounts, exceptional customer promotions, etc., to match your business model and income will come naturally.


Use emails to promote marketing activities such as discount messages and electronic discount coupons to users to attract more consumers. Our online store system has built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to increase the online store’s visibility.

Create online store

Create an online store for you》

We can create a new online store for you, including layout design and related settings, functions include goods and order management, discount package, membership system, wish list, product comparison, in-store search, logistics tracking, online customer service, product data import/ Outbound, payment platform, multi-currency transaction settings, etc.

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Linkage with backend

We will also connect you to Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP / mInventory Inventory Scanner / LS Retail system. Order and receipt data will be automatically entered into the system, making it easier for colleagues to grasp the trend of cargo shelves and cargo flow and reduce the accumulation of large quantities of goods. Items shorten the time from pickup from supplier to delivery of the order, thereby saving money and warehouse expenses. Let you focus on growing your business without time-consuming manual operations.

Linkage with backend
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