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《​Food and Beverage



Expanding New Market》

A French dessert chain cafe plans to scale their business in Hong Kong with the aim of leading global resurgence in healthy eating. However, it is not easy to operate the first store in a new market.

New Retail System》

They need a complete and mutli-functional retail solution to handle day-to-day store operation.
For software, we offer LS Retail, a retail management system specializing in retail and Food and Beverage industry. It allows different position of staff to manage the business centrally from front to back. Back-end users can easily manage product and price information and update product information in bulk. LS Retail includes employee module that allows management to schedule duty shift for restaurant staff, review on daily staff cost and working hours etc. It considerably increases the visibility of employees’ performance.

LS retail
For hardware》

We set up POS terminals for the store, receipt printers and kitchen order ticket machine. When the customer places an order at the cashier, the kitchen immediately receives a ticket and begins to make food. The entire process is simple and automated. Frontline staff can learn quickly and get to work.
POS hardware
Store Set-up Solution》

In addition to system software, we collaborate with ourt partner to offer a wide-range of shop solution. This includes hardware setup, network infrastructure installation and Office 365 email server integration. Our thoughtful one-stop solution helps our customer to save cost and time of selecting appropriate hardware vendors.
POS hardware
network setup
email system
process bar

System Works Well, Introduce ERP System In The Future


We received positive feedback from our customer and the good news of their successful brand-new opening of the store in Hong Kong. We will continue to help them to enhance their usage of LS Retail which aims at increasing productivity. On top of existing system, they decide to implement MS Dynamics 365 Business Central in the later phrase in order to gather all data and information from different departments into a single ERP system for comprehensive operation management.

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