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F&B Management

Including: restaurant, buffet, coffee shop, bar, takeaway, takeaway delivery
LS Hospitality
LS Hospitality

LS Hospitality is a food and beverage management system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It supports all hospitality processes,– from POS activities to operations in the central office; from preparation of menus and recipes to tracking order statuses. The system enables employees to do their jobs faster and more professionally, and helps managers find new ways to optimize costs and improve service quality.
Cloud Technology


Powered by Azure, you can run it on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. All data is stored in the cloud. You can log in to your mobile device anytime, anywhere to efficiently manage your retail catering business and back-office operations.

Cloud Technology
Table Management



Registered table and order food details
Waiters can view the status of tables in their section, locate vacant tables, make sure that all guests have been served, track the progress of preparation for specific tables, view the number of guests registered for each table and find out which table specific staff members are currently serving.
Other than that, managers can configure and activate multiple table setups, for example using different arrangements for brunch and dinner service.

Time and cost saving while waiters and customers order through mobile or kiosks》

The system is equipped with complete table management. The waiter can view the table usage in each floor area, manage customer seating arrangements, and inquire about reservations. At the same time, it can record the details of each customer's order and track the customer's bill. Even if the customer turns or sits at a different table, it can be easily handled.

Own Device Ordering

Own Device Ordering

Table Ordering

Table Ordering




Kitchen Display System - KDS》

All the orders are directly transferred to proper station KDS. Your kitchen staff gets a clear overview of the current and upcoming orders and statuses on the screens. They can also confirm completed orders with a simple click. No more lost paper tickets, no ingredients wasted when the wrong dish is prepared because of hard-to-read handwriting.


Synchronized Dish Production》

Order preperation can be divided into different kitchen stations, so chefs can concentrate on their own specialty to speed up the process and ensure that all dishes within the same order are produced together and delivered on time.


For example, a customer orders a fried chicken schnitzel with pesto on pasta, and a cup of Cappachino. The frying station staff will receive instructions of “fried chicken schnitzel” and the pasta station will receive instructions of “Pesto on Pasta”. When the two food departments confirm the completion, the waiter will be notified to deliver the food to the guest table. You can also send the instructions for "Cappacino” to the barista 10 minutes after the food is delivered.

Omni-Channel Loyalty Program》

With LS Hospitality, you will be able to offer a mobile loyalty program, which both increases retention and gives you invaluable knowledge into your customers’ habits and preferences. It helps you develop a customized marketing strategy to boost sales.

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