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LS Retail

LS Customer Order
and Table Order

Enrich customer experience and retain your valued customers.

LS Customer Order》
Convenient, simple and fast POS process

The LS customer orders can simplify the process of handling customer orders, including inventory management, order tracking, and payment confirmation. The system utilizes barcode scanning technology and intelligent inventory tracking capabilities to achieve fast and accurate order processing, improving work efficiency and product delivery speed.

​LS Customer Order
  • When the retail store is out of stock, the built-in Customer Order of LS POS can be transferred from another branch, warehouse, or directly ordered from the supplier, with full flexibility to maintain the accuracy of the company's inventory. By directly delivering products to customers, it saves time and speed. It can reduce the chance of losing customers due to out of stock.

picking up
  • Nowadays, many retailers already have their e-commerce platforms. LS Customer Order integrates customers’ orders and provides options to allow customers directly ship to their desired store or even home. They only need to arrange the best time to pick up the goods, thus they will receive a message after picking up the goods, finally the goods can be safely picked up by the real customers.

  • The system also supports the option of placing a deposit or paying in full, which ensures that retailers can assist customers to order any desired products without worrying. 

  • LS Customer Order provides a 360-degree all-round shopping experience, which greatly improves the convenience and enriches customer experience. No matter when, where, and how, customers can also choose their own shopping ways, which helps to increase customers' retention rate to retailers and increase brand loyalty.

table order

LS Table Order》
LS self-service ordering can help restaurants simplify the ordering process, improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Through this function, guests can directly use their mobile  or tablets to order food in the restaurant, and can easily view the menu, add orders, select payment methods, etc. At the same time, restaurants can also manage orders, track seat status, and adjust restaurant layouts through this system.

  • In the modern catering industry, LS table order can be used to manage meal orders, helping to improve restaurant efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

LS Table Order
order food
  • ​By using LS table order to order food, you can quickly record the customer's meal order in a self-service form, and fill it in the form to ensure that the order is accurate. This table usually contains all the items available for selection in the menu, including name, price, description, etc. To order food, you can directly check the corresponding meal in the form according to the needs of the guests to simplify the process of ordering food.

  • Using LS table order can also improve the efficiency of restaurants. Since the form automatically calculates the total price of the meal and stores it in the form, the waiter can quickly see the order total, resulting in faster order processing. At the same time, the form also reduces the risk of manual calculations and improves the accuracy and efficiency of order processing. 

LS Table Order
check order
  • Finally, since waiters can process orders more quickly, guests can enjoy their meals sooner, increasing guest satisfaction. At the same time, since the form reduces errors caused by miscommunication or misheard information, guests can enjoy the service provided by the restaurant with more confidence.

《Innovative features from LS Retail》

LS retail

LS Retail customer order function allows you to easily receive and process customer orders at any time. The automatic order function allows restaurants to provide a more convenient and comfortable ordering experience, and at the same time improves the operating efficiency of restaurants. These functions can not only help retailers and warehouses reduce labor costs, but also improve sales capabilities, provide services more quickly and accurately, and increase their consumption intentions.

In addition, LS Retail a complete set of retail and ERP systems, and built-in functions such as catering, retail, warehouse, purchase and sale, accounting and analysis. We can also provide customized services according to the needs of different companies, including customization Order conditions, report formats and system configuration, etc. The system provides a variety of configurable options, allowing enterprises to personalize the system according to their own needs to achieve a more efficient order management experience.

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