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Warehouse Scanner

mInventory solutions for MS Dynamics BC/NAV/Retail》

  • Easy to deploy to existing customer on retail, distribution, wholesales, foods service industry. 

  • mInventory can be unitized the barcode, QR code to cater the Lot/Serial No. more efficiently on warehouse stock management and furthermore.

  • We are able to do customization for specific requirement to streamline the warehouse operation and complicate procedure.

Below are our supporting features on native MS Dynamics BC/ NAV/ LS Retails:

mobile mInventory

Barcode/QR Code/RFID*

Mobile Inventory (mInventory) for MS Dynamics Business Central is a native solution supporting the MS Dynamics Business Central/ NAV barcode structure. Warehouse operators can easily use our handheld device (iOS/Android) to scan goods barcode for inventory inquiry, stock receiving, goods shipment, stock transfer, physical count, onsite service record, etc.


*RFID will be supported as a customizeable feature

Barcode scanner
批次 序號 過期管理

Lot/Serial No/Expiration Management

Lot number or Batch number, with expiration date support, is crucial to managing warehouses in health care, supplement, foods, drinks and cosmetics products industries. The company can easily check the expiration dates of its goods or forecast the expiration period of its inventory. 


Serial number management is common in electronic devices. A company can use the serial number to track the stock sold to which customer and record which products are theirs to sell, for example, a mobile phone, camera, laptop, monitor, and so on.

Stock Receiving

After the purchase order has been entered into MS Dynamics Business Central / MS Dynamics NAV, warehouse operator can easily find the related purchase order by item no, barcode, description, etc., to search the order for stock receiving. The cost information will not be displayed in the handheld to avoid showing sensitive information to unauthorized users.
If a stock requires a Lot No., Serial No., or an expiration date, the mInventory app can already help users manage it efficiently, avoiding the need to input in desktop program.


Sales Order Shipment

To more accurately arrange the shipment, the warehouse must use the sales order record to use the mInventory app, scanning the items to verify issuing the correct product and avoiding sending out the wrong items to the customer.
Lot No, Serial No. could be pre-defined, allowing the warehouse operator to issue the products.


F& B Stock request in app

Our app allows restaurants to easily place stock requests. Backoffice can choose specific items (food, packaging, etc.) for restaurant replenishment, and warehouse will then review the quantity shipped to store to control the inventory stock level.


Stock count by barcode scanning

mInventory supports using handheld devices to conduct the stock count on multiple devices at the same time. And the system will use the physical count quantity to calculate the stock adjustment.


Scan integration

mInventory is a warehouse management system solution designed for warehouse operators and distribution enterprises to manage inventory between warehouses. As a fundamental part of supply chain, the primary goal of the solution is to maintain daily operations and trace the movements of goods and service orders... ...

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