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Scan Integration》

Scan Integration
Scan Integration

mInventory is a warehouse management system solution designed for warehouse operators and distribution enterprises to manage inventory between warehouses. As a fundamental part of supply chain, the primary goal of the solution is to maintain daily operations and trace the movements of goods and service orders. 


As the central unit of supply chain, mInventory is customizable to fit individual business needs and workflows which can be integrated with different systems. It can directly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV) ERP system. Or run standalone on receiving orders from the overlying host system, either from an ERP system, or e-commerce channel. Then it takes all necessary steps to manage and process this order such as creating pick list and shipment note for the ordered items. After appropriate optimization, information is sent back to headquarter to support financial transactions, advance shipping notifications to customers, inventory management, etc.

Digital Inventory Management System》

minventory is a powerful solution for growing companies in various industries. It can be integrated with an ERP system or e-commerce channels which gives you up-to-date visibility and control over your inventory and warehouses.

Digital Inventory

The solution mainly consists of three parts: inventory management, warehouse management and order management. It provides a solid foundation of industry best practices for receiving, picking, shipping, returning, transferring, stock-taking, reporting, and forecasting. You can handle the goods shipment, receipt, stock takes and adjustments.

The system is also capable to track batch number, serial number and expiry dates for all items. It makes operation processes simple and efficient. With real-time visibility of inventory, you can get timely accurate information for better business decision-making.

Inventory mangement

Inventory mangement

Warehouse mangement

Warehouse mangement

Order mangement

Order mangement

It supports state-of-the-art modern barcode scanner and RFID scanner, which is available on both iOS and Android. It provides an easy way to manage warehouse operations from a storage room tolarge scale warehouses with segregation of tasks, staffs and operations.



We are the first in Hong Kong to offer mInventory application as a digital solution for growing companies. Compatible with smartphones (iOS and Android), mInventory fills gaps in conventional warehouse systems. It enables companies to keep track of service orders. mInventory is the latest warehouse management system that ensures swift and efficient inventory control and can be used in conjunction with scanner technology.


Highlighted Features》


Unparalleled Hardware Support

mInventory supports major barcode printer such as Zebra, TSC, Infinite Peripherals, Godex, etc, as well as modern barcode and RFID scanner from Zebra, Honeywell, IPC, AsReader, etc. You can enjoy a smooth experience on your warehouse operation which is never like before.


Multi-language Support

The solution is built-in support displayed in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. Besides, user can select advanced mode which shows fewer tips but with more detailed information.

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