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Stop Processing Orders Manually》

A local retailer of kitchenware and household items has more than 30 years of production experience. With increasing product lines and business growth, their existing manual processes can no longer handle huge amount of orders. They realized that without an ERP system, manually entering data in Excel and creating reports in Word will heavily hinder its daily operation and use up excessive time and manpower.


High Flexibility ERP Solution》

They have evaluated several ERP solutions, but most vendors only offer standardized system which is difficult to add additional functions to the system. MS Dynamics 365 Business Central we offer has high flexibility that allows users to create new areas and customize their need in each module.

ERP solution

Import Sales Order Easily》

Apart from ERP system, they also adopted LS Retail to manage their retail operation. Built on MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, LS Retail automatically imports orders received from different sales channels into all modules of NAV such as finance, inventory & sales. Thus, the management team have a clear picture of real-time company overview like sales and profit. Most importantly, employees do not need to spend too much time in data entry or report creating. This integration reduces human error and greatly improve work efficiency.

import sales

Online and Offline Mode of the Retail System》

In addition to brick and mortar stores, they also participate in different trade shows or mall-pop-up stores. In the absence of a network, the system can work standalone offline. Data can be synchronized back to head office anytime when network is available.

LS retail offline

Inventory Management System》

As some of the products are perishable, it is important to record the expiry date. mInventory includes expiry date, serial number & lot number tracking. Therefore, they can review which items are going to be expired and make necessary follow-up to reduce product spoilage. When the goods are about to expire or out of stock, the system will send notification to remind users to replenish.

Moreover, linking with barcode scanner helps them to speed up the progress of inventory-in and -out without entering barcode number which is convenient to warehouse operators and reduce administration work.

food expiry day

One-stop IT System Solution

Most customer need comprehensive system software to manage the operation of various departments and increase daily productivit. Bizspoke is capable to offer one-stop solution with various systems that satisfy their needs.

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