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E-commerce Platform Integration

Online Shopping Trend》

With the advancement of technology, global shopping pattern has changed. A wholesaler of health products and skin care products decides to expand their sales channels to provide retail services on local e-commerce platform (HKTVmall). Due to the huge increase in orders and the scattered quantities of items ordered, they desperately needed a solution that would record daily orders and manage frequent inbound and outbound and inventory levels.

Online Shopping

ERP System

We provided MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, an all-in-one business management solution. We integrated the system with back-end e-commerce platform. When daily orders are imported into the system, the system will automatically establish sales order. Staff no longer input order data manually, which saves time on administration work and reduces human error. At the same time, users can see clearly current inventory level, as well as inventory level as of today. Accurate calculation allows merchants to have a clearer sales budget for each product, and prevent inconvenience caused stock outage.

ERP System
Inventory System

Inventory System》

On the other hand, they are equipped with a mobile barcode scanner and tablet to handle day-to-day warehouse operations. When warehouse operator is receiving, picking and shipping the goods by scanning barcode, the system automatically adjusts the order status and inventory quantity without logging into MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. The whole process is fast and convenient.

Price Tracking System》

Commodity price is an indispensable factor to remain competitive. We have built an intelligent price tracking system to track competitors’ price on the same goods on e-commerce platform every day. The data will be stored in MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing merchants to see the price changes of other retailers. Thus, they can analyse the data and adjust sales strategy by optimizing pricing.

Price Tracking
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