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Mobile POS and Stationary POS

Front staff can run your Point of Sale on computers, tablets and mobile devices. With a mobile POS, they can take orders and special request, deliver information on dishes and ingredients, and take payments straight at the tableside. As a result, customers receive a faster, better service, and you turn more tables.

self ordering

LS Hospitality supports self-ordering whether through the store or on a mobile app. It provides customer a convenient way to view menus and place orders. Self-ordering leaves your waiters free to roam the restaurant focusing on taking orders and brining the bills faster than ever before. No more running from the table to the register or the kitchen which greatly speeds up your service.

Own Device Ordering》
Without a native app required, customers can utilize the web browser on their own mobile phone to order and pay. We also provide integration service with local food delivery app (e.g. Aomi, Deliveroo).
Table Ordering》
Customers order and pay from provided tablets or mobile phone.
Order and pay at a stationary device.

Special Order Request》



Customers can customize their dishes by adding or removing ingredients, such as "more onions", "without ice", etc. These requirements will be listed on the order in the POS system for the kitchen to see clearly in order to create the correct dishes.

Special Order

Flexible Payment and Multicurrency》

The POS accepts various methods of payment in the same transaction, including cash, gift cards, vouchers, credit and debit cards and digital payments in multiple currencies.

pay method
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