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MDynamics ERP》

ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning

Business Central

Running an organization requires several core processes, include Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Procurement, and others. There is a single system which can integrate these processes into one. By collecting an organization’s real-time transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a “single source of truth.” Today, ERP systems are critical to manage small, medium and enterprise businesses across all industries.

Dynamics 365 ERP

Financial Management》

Business Central can help accountants and financial analysts to extract most essential business data from chart of accounts, budgets and cash flow accounts into financial reports. You can manage your financial processes across multiple currencies, locations, or companies. It gains insight into your business activities that helps you to identify new business opportunities.


Manufacturing Management》

Business Central even able to manage production orders as well as calculate new requirements according to that order. On the other hand, you can forecast demand and supply base on items in a more convenient way (daily, monthly, quarterly).


Sales & Marketing Management》

You can create different campaigns for sales and marketing which you can keep track the progress and measure the successfulness of the campaigns. Besides, you can set up customer contact and customize them into different groups base on your requirements. In addition, you can manage sales opportunities well by creating sales cycles and interactions, even you can set up your own sales agreement template concerning the service to be delivered to customers.


Warehouse Management》

You can manage multiple shipment addresses for both sales and purchase orders. Thus, you do not need to be panic whenever complicated ship orders come.  Another main feature is invoicing. After creating designated invoices, you can post it to General Ledger and Inventory account as they are fully integrated.  So, you can keep track on your account payable / receivable and Inventory on hand and forecasting easily.


Project Management》

There might be several projects running in a company at the same time. Business Central can help you to manage easily. It can create a job plan with multiple tasks and assign a specific user to complete with a time frame. In addition, you can set up a Time Sheet to integrate service, job tasks and resources into one table as to keep track the progress comprehensively.


Human Resources Management》

It can perform basic Human Resources management. You can create personal profile for each employee. Also, you can group and track relevant employee information and organize employee data base on different types of information, for instance experience, skills and education which can help you to keep a tidy portfolio for your employees.

Mobile Inventory

NAV/BC Mobile Inventory》

It support mobile app can run on a variety of Mobile Barcode Scanners. Stock orders created on Web portal can be downloaded to mobile scanner, scanned result can also be uploaded back to Web.

You can see all your valuable items on mobile device, with item details including item picture, item UOM, variants and inventory allocation. With minventory, Whether it is receipt, delivery, inventory, transfer, partial receipt and delivery, expiration date, you can bring your inventory on the go!

All–in–one Business Management ERP Solution》
Now in Cloud

《Stay ahead in the industry with innovative technology》

MS Dynamics 365 BC is based on the well-known Microsoft Dynamics NAV which both are capable to handle a high volume of complex data and activities. Since 1987, it has been implemented in more than 110,000 companies of all sizes operating in a variety of industries with over 160,000 customers and around 2.7 million users worldwide. The system consists of over 750 vertical solutions. Its flexible and scalable capabilities allow you to accommodate any new business processes and strengthen your business grows.

《Your Proven and Experienced Partner Partner》

As a certified partner of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, we provide business analyst for small and mid-sized companies that find their existing manual processes and varied software stymie their aspirations.

Dynamics 365 Business Central
Save Operation Cost and Time》

No additional cost is required! The benefits of cloud systems, you can save hardware investment and maintenance cost like server infrastructure, additional supporting charge and IT resources to maintain it.

Besides, the system takes less time to implement that you can experience Business Central quickly.

Flexible Subscription》

Business Central is paying as subscription based. The system can be modular or tailored to your needs with very little initial outlay cost. The implementation costs are considerably lower, reducing overall operational costs substantially.


Time to transform your business to next level》

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