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Financial Management

Accelerate financial close with customized build in financial reports

General Ledger

  • Set up companies and post accounting entries to general ledger through journals.

  • Increase reliability in transactions by adding Dimensions in all ledgers for important parts of your business

General Ledge
General Ledger screenshot

Multiple currencies

  • Conduct business with customers and vendors in any number of currencies.

  • Store and adjust different currencies’ unrealized exchange gains or losses and generate accounting financial reports.

Multiple currencies
currencies screenshot

Budgets and cost accounting

  • Import budget information generated by Power BI and enhance calculation capabilities with Microsoft Excel.

  • Gain insight of costs through the visibility of actual and budgeted costs by operations, departments, products, and projects.

  • Analyse and explore actual and budget entries with user-defined scenarios. Explore possible forecast figures, and get real-time performance metrics while fostering compliance and security across subsidiaries.

cost accounting
Budget screenshot

Improve forecasting, and get real-time performance metrics while fostering compliance and security across subsidiaries

Consolidation and Intercompany postings

  • Consolidate companies from the same Business Central tenant and pull data directly into the consolidation company.

  • Manage accounting for more than one company in a posting process that includes one or more Business Central tenants or databases

  • Use sales and purchase documents with multiple currencies to reconcile intercompany balances.

Export Consolidation

Fixed assets handling

  • Track fixed assets such as buildings, machinery, and equipment. Post fixed-asset transactions such as acquisitions, depreciation, write-downs, appreciation, and disposal.

  • Support fixed asset allocation, insurance, and maintenance.

  • Easy to manage cash flow and financial reporting.

Fixed Asset List

Cash flow forecast

  • Create basic cash flow forecasts that can be extended and adjusted.

  • Use Azure ML capabilities to generate cash flow predictions using Business Central data.

Cash flow artwork
Cash Flow

Electronic payments and direct debits

  • Create payment proposals based on vendors' documents and generate bank payment files in ISO20022/SEPA format

  • Provide efficient payment method to your customers by adding online payment services links (eg. Support PayPaL) to invoices in Business Central.

Electronic payments

Reconciliation of incoming and outgoing bank transactions

  • Import bank transaction data from electronic files sent from your bank in ISO20022/SEPA format

  • Support electronic check writing as payment formant.

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