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Sales and Marketing

Take better care of customers by establishing best practices using familiar productivity tools

Contact and campaign management

  • Maintain an overview of your contacts and personalize your approaches.

  • Divide customers in segments and easily keep track of opportunities easily thus creating sales quotes.

  • Organize customized campaigns based on customer type/ segment that you define based on reusable criteria.

campaign management
campaign management

Interaction and document management

  • Record interactions that you have with your contacts, such as telephone calls, meetings, or letters, and attach documents such as Word, Excel, or TXT files.


Better  sales management

  • Support sales invoicing, order management and sales line pricing/discount management.

  • Best offer with related discounts will be automatically applied to the sales line, when the sales order meets the discount offer criteria.


Bulkinvoicing from Microsoft Bookings

  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provides a list of the company’s completed bookings.

  • Select multiple customer bookings to create draft invoices or to issue invoices for the services provided.

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